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Zdroj: OHIM
Číslo přihlášky: 13799788
Reprodukce: FAREWELL BOLEYN WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CO LTD 1904 - 2016 - ochranná známka
Třídy výrobků a služeb: 25, 28, 35, 41
Obrazové třídy: 7.15.22, 14.7.3, 24.15.21
Datum podání přihlášky: 05.03.2015 EU
Přihlašovatel/vlastník: WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED, Boleyn Ground Green Street Upton Park, London, E13 9AZ, Velká Británie
Země původu: Velká Británie
Zástupce: LANE IP LIMITED, 2 Throgmorton Avenue, London,, EC2N 2DG, Velká Británie
Stav dokumentu: Podaná - průzkum
Druh: Obrazová
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EN25 Clothing, footwear, headgear; sports clothing; leisurewear; football shirts; football shorts; football socks; replica kits; replica shirts; replica shorts; replica socks; training clothing; tracksuits; training pants; waterproof clothing; sweatshirts; sweatpants; jackets; coats; fleeces; shirts; t-shirts; polo shirts; vests; singlets; blouses; knitwear; jerseys; jumpers; pullovers; sweaters; hooded tops; cardigans; waistcoats; suits; trousers; jeans; pants; shorts; leggings; skirts; ties; cravats; underwear; boxer shorts; briefs; thongs; lingerie; nightwear; pyjamas; night shirts; dressing gowns; bathrobes; beach clothes; swimwear; swim suits; bathing trunks; bathing caps; socks; gloves; mittens; scarves; ear muffs; wristbands; belts; braces for clothing; aprons (clothing); clothes linings; shoes; boots; sandals; slippers; sports shoes; training shoes; football boots and shoes; studs for football boots; hats; caps; visors; headbands; articles of clothing, footwear and headgear for babies and children; bodysuits; romper suits; sleep suits; bibs; baby boots.
28 Toys, games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees; apparatus for use in sports; balls for sport; playing balls; footballs; goal posts; miniature footballs; miniature replica football kits; sponge hands in the nature of novelties; rattles; gloves for games; shin guards; knee guards; elbow guards; bags adapted for carrying sporting articles; articles for playing golf; golf balls; golf tees; golf ball markers; golf bags; golf club covers; golf gloves; articles for playing darts; darts; sporting articles for use in playing snooker; snooker tables; pool tables; skis; surf boards; skateboards; snowboards; sleighs; sledges (playthings); slides; roller skates; in-line skates; rackets; exercise apparatus; tables for indoor football; fishing tackle; dice; dominoes; marbles; dolls; action figure toys; soft toys; teddy bears; puppets; bathtub toys; inflatable toys; ride-on toys; toy vehicles; flying discs; electronic hand held game units; board games; card games; playing cards; jigsaw puzzles; models in kit form; Christmas crackers; confetti; balloons; party novelties; party novelty hats; conjuring apparatus; costume masks; costumes being children's playthings; kites; skittles; puzzles; Soap bubbles [toys]; bubble making wand and solution sets; poker chips; hand-held, self-contained games apparatus; coin/counter operated games; games adapted for use with television receivers; models being toys; parts and fittings for all of the aforesaid goods.
35 Advertising; Business management; Business administration; Office functions; Accounting; Accounts (Drawing up of statements of -); Administrative processing of purchase orders; Advertising by mail order; Arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; Arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; Auctioneering; Auditing; Bill-posting; Business appraisals; Business consultancy (Professional -); Business information; Business inquiries; Business investigations; Business management and organization consultancy; Business management assistance; Business management consultancy; Business management of hotels; Business management of performing artists; Business management of sports people; Business organization consultancy; Business research; Commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; Commercial information agencies; Commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]; Commercial or industrial management assistance; Compilation of information into computer databases; Compilation of statistics; Cost price analysis; Data search in computer files for others; Demonstration of goods; Direct mail advertising; Dissemination of advertising matter; Distribution of samples; Document reproduction; Economic forecasting; Efficiency experts; Employment agencies; Fashion shows for promotional purposes (Organization of -); File management (Computerized -); Import-export agencies; Invoicing; Layout services for advertising purposes; Management (Advisory services for business -); Marketing; Marketing research; Marketing studies; Modelling for advertising or sales promotion; News clipping services; Office machines and equipment rental; On-line advertising on a computer network; Opinion polling; Organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; Organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; Outsourcing services [business assistance]; Payroll preparation; Personnel management consultancy; Personnel recruitment; Photocopying services; Presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; Price comparison services; Procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; Production of advertising films; Psychological testing for the selection of personnel; Public relations; Publication of publicity texts; Publicity; Publicity agencies; Publicity columns preparation; Publicity material rental; Radio advertising; Relocation services for businesses; Rental of advertising space; Rental of advertising time on communication media; Rental of photocopying machines; Rental of vending machines; Sales promotion for others; Secretarial services; Shop window dressing; Shorthand; Sponsorship search; Systemization of information into computer databases; Tax preparation; Telemarketing services; Telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; Television advertising; Transcription; Typing; Updating of advertising material; Word processing; Writing of publicity texts; Advertising and promotional services, marketing, display services for merchandising; compilation, production and dissemination of advertising matter; business planning, assistance and management services; business administration services; management assistance services; business investigations and surveys; business relocation services; bookkeeping and accounting services; tax assessment preparation; preparation and completion of income tax returns; provision of information relating to tax; tax consultancy and planning services; business consultancy and advisory services; provision of information relating to accounts; provision of statements of account; administration and secretarial services for companies; document reproduction services; data processing services; computerised record keeping; accounting and database management services; compilation of data relating to goods for purchase; services relating to the making and compilation of surveys and indexes of consumer confidence and activity levels over the Internet; consultancy, information and advisory services relating to all the aforesaid; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of chemicals used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics, manures, fire extinguishing compositions, tempering and soldering preparations, chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs, tanning substances, adhesives used in industry, unprocessed plastics in the form of liquids, chips or granules, paints, varnishes, lacquers; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood, colorants, mordants, raw natural resins, metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists, bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use, cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions, dentifrices, industrial oils and greases, lubricants, dust absorbing; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of wetting and binding compositions, fuels and illuminants, candles and wicks for lighting, combustible fuels and scented candles, pharmaceutical and veterinary preparations, sanitary preparations for medical purposes, dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies, dietary supplements for humans and animals, plasters, materials for dressings, material for stopping teeth, dental wax, disinfectants; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of preparations for destroying vermin, fungicides, herbicides, machines and machine tools, motors and engines (except for land vehicles), machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles), agricultural implements other than hand-operated, incubators for eggs, hand tools and hand operated implements, cutlery, side arms, razors, electric razors and hair cutters; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments, artificial limbs, eyes and teeth, orthopaedic articles, suture materials, massage apparatus, supportive bandages, furniture adapted for medical use, apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes, air conditioning apparatus, electric kettles, gas and electric cookers; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of vehicle lights and vehicle air conditioning units, vehicles, apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water, wheelchairs, motors and engines for land vehicles, vehicle body parts and transmissions, firearms, ammunition and projectiles, explosives, fireworks, clocks and watches, musical instruments, stands and cases adapted for musical instruments; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica, semi-finished plastics materials for use in further manufacture, stopping and insulating materials, flexible non-metallic pipes, non-metallic building materials, non-metallic rigid pipes for building, asphalt, pitch and bitumen, non-metallic transportable buildings, non-metallic monuments, non-metallic framed conservatories, doors and windows, furniture, mirrors, picture frames; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum, ceramics, glass, porcelain and earthenware, raw fibrous textile materials, yarns and threads for textile use, textiles and textile goods, bed and table covers, travellers' rugs, textiles for making articles of clothing, duvets, covers for pillows, cushions or duvets; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of cosmetics, perfumery, soaps, badges, vehicle badges, buckles, busts, figurines, hooks, key rings and key fobs, keys, cups, memorial plaques, ornaments, monuments, signs, money boxes, number plates, statues and statuettes, ferrules for walking sticks, works of art, all made wholly or principally of metal, bronzes, common metals and their alloys; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of metal building materials, transportable buildings of metal, materials of metal for railway tracks, non-electric cables and wires of common metal, ironmongery, small items of metal hardware, pipes and tubes of metal, safes, ores; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments, apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity, apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of magnetic data carriers, recording discs, automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin operated apparatus, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers, fire-extinguishing apparatus, magnetic and magnetically encoded cards, programmable cards, smart cards, cards for bearing data, credit, charge, debit and/or cash cards, prepayment cards, cheque guarantee cards; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of apparatus for processing, apparatus for processing card transactions and data relating thereto and for payment processing, cash registers, apparatus for verifying data on magnetically encoded cards, sound and/or video recordings, tapes, cassettes, compact discs, films, slides, video recorders, video cassettes, video discs, CDs, DVDs, games adapted for use with television receivers; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of computer games, computer software, screensavers, publications in electronic format, data processing apparatus, electric and electronic scoreboards, photographic and cinematographic apparatus and instruments, telecommunications apparatus, equipment and accessories, protective clothing and protective footwear, parts and fittings for all the aforesaid goods; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of precious metals and their alloys, jewellery, precious stones, horological and chronometric instruments, gems, watches, wristwatches, watch straps, docks, stopwatches, pendulums, brooches, pins (jewellery), team and player trading pins (jewellery), tie clips and tie pins, cufflinks, commemorative medals, commemorative cups, commemorative plates, tankards; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of trophies, statues and sculptures, tea pots, ashtrays and cigarette cases, coins, medals and badges for clothing, medallions not of precious metal, alarm clocks, bracelets, buckles of precious metal, watch chains, jewellery chains, earrings, pin badges, key rings, paper, cardboard, printed matter, book binding material, photographs, stationery; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of adhesives for stationery or household purposes, artists' materials, paint brushes, typewriters and office requisites (except furniture), instructional and teaching material (except apparatus), plastic materials for packaging, printers' type, printing blocks, travellers cheques, cardboard and plastic cards, money orders, money drafts, cheques, booklets, posters, bookmarks, flags; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of banners, paper, cardboard, note-paper transfers, decalcomanias, labels, wrapping and packaging materials, printed matter, trading cards, periodical publications, newspapers, books, photographs, albums, stationery, pens, pencils, rulers, pencil cases, writing paper, car tax disc holders, stickers, vehicle stickers, artists' materials, writing and drawing instruments, greeting cards; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of instructional and teaching material, calendars, diaries, address books, folders, files, writing instruments of precious metal, cheque book holders, leather and imitations of leather, animal skins, hides, trunks and travelling bags, umbrellas, parasols and walking sticks, whips, harness and saddlery, keycases, purses, bags, handbags, boot bags, holdalls; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of luggage, trunks and travelling bags, suitcases, rucksacks, backpacks, sporting bags, wallets, credit card holders, briefcases, card cases, luggage labels, walking sticks, parasols, umbrellas, belts, strips, textiles and textile goods, flags, not made of paper, bath linen, bed covers, curtains of textile or plastic, sleeping bag sheet liners, bean bag covers, fabric for use in the manufacture of bags; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of fibre fabrics for use in the manufacture of bags, quilt bags, handkerchiefs, tea towels, textile wall hangings, bar towels, pennants, napkins and tablecloths, clothing, footwear, headgear, braids, tassels, brooches for clothing, decorative pins and badges not made of precious metal, hair bands, hair pints, pins of non-precious metal, cords for clothing (straps), lace and embroidery; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of ribbons and braid, buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles, games and playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles, toys, games, playthings, board games, hand-held, self-contained games apparatus, gymnastic and sporting articles, footballs, balls, bags adapted for carrying sporting articles and apparatus, miniature replica football kits, darts and flights therefor, balloons; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of coin/counter operated games, ordinary playing cards, meat, fish, poultry and game, prepared meals and snacks, preserved, dried, frozen and cooked fruits and vegetables, jams, eggs, preserves, potato crisps, processed peanuts, pistachios, cashews, salted nuts, meat extracts, jellies, fruit sauces, milk and milk products, edible oils and fats, non-medicated confectionery; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of chocolate based confectionery, frozen confectionery, chilled desserts, snack foods, prepared meals and snacks, sauces, condiments, coffee, tea, cocoa, preparations made from cereals, bread, pastry and confectionery, crisps made of cereals or potato flour, salad dressings cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee, flour and preparations made from cereals, ices, honey, treacle, yeast; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of baking-powder, salt, mustard, vinegar, spices, ice, non-alcoholic beverages, beers, mineral and aerated waters, fruit drinks and fruit juices, isotonic drinks, syrups and other preparations for making beverages, alcoholic beverages (except beers), alcopops, wine, spirits; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of paper coasters, coasters of cardboard, scale models [ornaments] of plastic and wood, coasters (tableware), mugs, ceramic mugs, porcelain mugs, cups and mugs, models being toys, plastic models being toys, teddy bears, stuffed toy bears, mobile phone accessories, bottle openers, cocktail shakers, antennas, puzzles; retail services and the bringing together for the benefit of others of sweets [candy], chocolate, spectacles, sunglasses, tobacco, smokers' articles, matches, lighters for smokers, garden furniture, pillows and cushions, household or kitchen utensils and containers, combs and sponges, brushes, brush-making materials, articles for cleaning purposes, steel wool, electric and non-electric toothbrushes, ropes, string, nets, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks for transporting bulk materials, padding; Retail services connected to the sale of mobile phones, towels, drinking bottles for sport, fridge magnets, decorative magnets, USB flash drives, collars for pets, temporary tattoos, luggage straps and luggage tags, wrist bands, headphones, Soap bubbles [toys], bubble making wand and solution sets, poker chips, sweets [candy], candy bars and chewing gum, chocolate sweets, chocolate, biscuits, deodorants and air deodorants; rental of advertising space, arranging and administration of exhibitions, organising of draws and competitions for promotional and advertising purposes enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase these goods; rental of advertising space; arranging and administration of exhibitions; organising of draws and competitions for promotional and advertising purposes.
41 Entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; education; providing of training; organisation of sporting events; provision of entertainment, training, recreational, sporting and cultural activities and facilities; instruction and educational services; football academy services; football coaching, football schools and schooling; arranging and conducting of education and training in relation to football; arranging, conducting and provision of football instructional courses; sporting management services for footballers; football entertainment services; physical education; fitness training services; provision of practical training and demonstrations; sport and holiday camp services (in the nature of entertainment); rental of sporting equipment; practical training and demonstrations; arranging, organising and conducting of conferences, conventions, seminars, events and exhibitions; arranging, organising and conducting of games, contests and competitions; hospitality services (entertainment); lotteries; gaming services; arranging, organising and conducting of award ceremonies; provision of museum facilities; provision of stadium facilities and services; rental of stadium facilities; presentation of live performances; sports club services; health club services; provision of sports information services; provision of information relating to football; fan club services; fan club membership scheme services; booking and ticketing services for sports, entertainment, cultural and educational events; entertainment, training, recreational, and sporting information services provided via the Internet and other communications networks; education and entertainment services provided by means of radio, television, telephony, the Internet and online databases; provision of cinematographic and video entertainment; entertainment and educational services featuring electronic media, multimedia content, audio and video content, movies, pictures, photographs, graphics, images, text and related information provided via the Internet and other communications networks; film production; production of video recordings, sound recordings, DVDs, CDs, CD-ROMs, video and audio tapes; production and distribution of television and radio programmes; production of sporting events for television and radio; publication of magazines, books, texts and printed matter; publishing by electronic means; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); provision of television programmes, radio programmes, films, audio and/or visual material and games online (not downloadable); provision of news online; information relating to sport and entertainment provided online from a computer database or the Internet; information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to all of the aforesaid.

FAREWELL BOLEYN WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CO LTD 1904 - 2016, informace k výpisu ochranné známky

Výpis údajů k ochranné známce FAREWELL BOLEYN WEST HAM UNITED FOOTBALL CO LTD 1904 - 2016 byl pořízen dne 18.04.2015 16:30.

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